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29-30, August 2019
Organized by, Department of Electronics & Instrumentation, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu-641046

About Department of Electronics & Instrumentation

Department of Electronics and Instrumentation (DEI) originally started as University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC) in 1993 under USIC scheme of UGC upgraded to the Department of University Science Instrumentation in April 2008 and became a full fledged teaching and research department and renamed as Department of Electronics and Instrumentation.

The Department has six faculty staffs and two technical staffs. The Department has specialization in MEMS, Biomedical sensor, Thin films, Microwave, Embedded system, DSP, VLSI ,Virtual Instrumentation, PLC & SCADA, Wireless sensor Networks. The Department offers PG., M.Phil, Ph.D and Post Doc programs in Electronics and Instrumentation. There are 70 PG students, 25 PhD., scholar and one PDF person in the department.

The Department is well equipped with sophisticated thin films instruments like DC magnatron sputtering, Thermal evaporation, Tubler furnace, Roughness tester, LCR meter. The Department consists of Analytical lab, Instrumentation lab, Mechanical workshop, MEMS / NEMS & Thin film lab, Embedded lab, Electronics lab, VI-lab and Biomedical lab.

Our service is extended to help the academic staff, research scholars and students of the University and colleges, industrial person in all aspects of Electronics and Instrumentation.